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HD-3000A AHD wrist CCTV tester

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Product Abstract:

Analog+AHD camera test; 4.3 inch TFT LCD screen; 2600mAh Li battery

Product Description
   HD-3000A----CVBS + AHD  (485 is optional)  

   HD-3000H----CVBS + TVI    (485 is optional)

   HD-3000AH----CVBS + AHD + TVI + 485 (PTZ)

   HD-3000ADH----CVBS + AHD + TVI + CVI + 485 (PTZ)

1. Please connect video signal connector to the BNC socket at the top of the mainframe; Then turn on the power by
    the side swich of the mainframe. it will show the video image on the screen.
2. It can also use for video output to camera system equipment through the power power outle cable. 
Power on and off
1. Turn the power on by side switch. It shows on when the red light shines.
2. It shows power off when the red light is off.
    Rechargeable battery Description:
    Rechargeable battery
    It is dangerous to disassemble product or change battery by yourself because of high
    electric voltage.
Using Adaptor:
1. Place AC adaptor plug into AC power socket.
2. Place DC plug into mainframe power socket.
3. It need to recharge when the red light is on.
4. When the red light is off, it means the power is sufficient.
1. Please recharge 6~8 hours when first time recharge.
2. This product has to be off when recharging.

Package List:

1. AHD image display device x 1 set

2. transfoemers x 1pcs

3. AHD power coed x 1pcs

4. English manual  x 1PCS

5. Videl cable x  1pcs

6. Date cable x  1pcs

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