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HF-19A Dolby dynamic noise reduction microphone

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Product Abstract:

Original sound grade dolby dynamic noise reduction

Product Description


            HF-19A is our company' s latest product. Making use of Dolby dynamic noise reduction technology, digital audio processing
     noise reduction integrated circuit, imported audio amplifier and automatic gain control circuit, this sound pick-up applies to
     bank, jail, interrogation room, court, examination room, mall and other places,It can filter noises effectively from the surroundings
     and noises caused by circuit, and then makes the voice sound clearer, lounder and mor vivid. Adding sensitivity regulator,
     clockwise movement is to turn up the sound,the sound pick-up becomes more flexible and wider for using. It is the perfect
     product to be used together with closed circuit television, digital video record audio-visual video system equipment, safety and
     protection system. It can make audio-visual synchronal by using together with camera.
         (Enclose: it is ideal to use one core with  shielded holding wire)
   Major parameter:
   Unit    Performance  parameter    Unit    Performance  parameter
   Working voltage    DC 12V    Working current    45mA
   Monitor range    5-60 square meter    Frequency range    100-20KHz
   Sensitivity    -35 dB    Frequency response    2.5 dB
   Signal noise ratio    75 dB    Working temperature    -10℃-70℃
   Output impedance    600Ω    Output level    0-2.5Vpp
   Product characteristic:
     1. Use Dolby dynamic noise reduction adopts specific integrated circuit and DSP digital processing noiseless monitor.
     2. Assorted with digital audio processor, this sound pick-up makes the voice clear and vivid when plays back.
     3. Th taping is clearly recorded due to the sound pick-up resist surroundings noise. When it is palyed back, there is no echo
     4. With imported audio amplifier, output power is increased, transmission range will be wider. The 75-3 video wire can
         transfer for 1 mile.
     5. Polarity protective circuit can avoid the circuit is damagen by making mistake about polarity.
   Installment method:
     1. The red port links to power, white one links to signal
     2. One core with shielded holding wire links to the input port of voice recording equuipment or power amplifier voice frequency
     3. Counterclockwise movement can open the shell
     4. The head of sound pickup should  be fixed closely to the pronouncing source.
     5. According to the size of the room, the blue potentiometer can be adjust accordingly, clockwise movement is to turn up the volume.
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