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JY-601A mini hidden CCTV microphone

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Product Abstract:

Mini hidden appearance; Low noise, low power; Monitor within 30~50 squares

Product Description


        JY-601(A) low noise,HIFI, wide range operation voltage, small electricity consumption.it is suitable for different type
     of Mic supervised listening environments,such as bank,prison,examination place,shopping mall,and industry factory
     etc.It is a good  partner to be used with supervised TV and security protection system. JY-601A can be used together
     with camera to achieve audio and video synchronization to monitor speaking within 30~50 squares.
         Connect method (Type: JY-601(A))
                      1. Red RCA port: power input             2. White RCA port: audio input
         Electronically parameter:
                      Power supply: DC3V-18V     Dissipation: 5mA
                      Out impedance: 600Ω           Out level: 0-6V
                      Frequency response: 100-10KHZ
                      Frequency response: 2.5 dB
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