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JY-802A alloy CCTV microphone

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Product Abstract:

Alloy metal crust; Adjustable sensitivity; Monitor within 100 squares

Product Description


        JY-802A adopt HIFI process chip with low noise performance.Such chip can restrain noise around environment
     through frequency response network for several times, and provides pure tone quality and powerful movement.
     The product contains dedicated AGC circuit so it is suitable for different type of Mic supervised listening environments,
     such as bank,prison,examination place,shopping mall,and industry factory etc.Moreover,this product has lots of  virtues,
      including low noise,HIFI, wide range operation voltage, small electricity consumption,and long distance transmission.
     JY-802A is a new kind of listen equipment that has adjustable sensitivity, alloy metal crust. It is a good partner to be used
     with supervised TV and security protection system. JY-802A can be used together with camera to achieve audio and video 
     synchronization to monitor speaking within 100 squares.
         Connect method (Type: JY-802(A))
                      1. Red RCA port: power input             2. White RCA port: audio input
         Electronically parameter:
                      Power supply: DC6V-12V     Dissipation: 10mA
                      Out impedance: 600Ω           Out level: 0-6V
                      Frequency response: 300-5KHZ
         Cover material and specification
                      Alloy metal crust,  L50mm X 45mm X 19 mm
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