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Network RJ45 SPD BOS05RJ45M4

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  • DC12/AC24 Power SPD BOS12YM2
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  • Network RJ45 SPD BOS05RJ45M4
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  • 3 in 1 SPD BOSJK3/DC12
  • 4 / 8 chs video SPD CoaxJK/V4(V8)
  • Network & power 2 in 1 SPD RJ45/DC12

Product Abstract:

German brand core components; reliable high quality; multilevel protection circuit

Product Description


       BOS05RJ45M4 lightning protection is applied to protect sensitive  high speed network communication circuits;
 It is widely used for protecting data transmission system in computer communication, network switchboard and
 network router from serious damage, which made by thunder and lightning induced tension, electrical network
 voltage undulation disturbance, static discharge, and impact surge voltage caused by major damage.
  1. Adopt multilevel protection circuit, low-level persistent voltage.
  2. Adopt the famous German brand core components, reliable high quality.
  3. It has huge flow capacity, sensitive reaction.
  4. Excellent performance, and low-loss insert.
  Model   BOS05RJ45M4
  Continuous operating voltage Un   5V
  Maximum working voltage Uc   10V
  Nominal discharging current In (8/20us)   5KA
  Maximum discharging current Imax (8/20us)   10KA
  Limit voltage Up   15V
  Data transmission rate Vs   100Mbps
  Insert loss Ae   0.2dB
  Response time Ta   1nS
  Joint form   RJ45
  Protection form   1,2,3,6
  Working conditions   Temperature -25+65℃;Humidity95%25-30
  Test standard   IEC61643-21:2000
Installation and Maintenance:
  1.   The video surge protector device should be linked between the signal line and the protected equipment.
  2.   "In" must be connect the signal line;"Out" must be connect the protected equipment, do not connect in the
         opposite direction.
 3.   The PE line of the lightning arrestor must strictly be connected to the lighting protection system at the
         equipotential, else, it will influence the working performance
  4.    This product need not pay special attention to maintenance, but please waterproof notice. When the system
          working goes wrong, please check the surge protector after removing it. If unused thesurge protector condition,
          but the system working normal, meaning the surge protector is damaged, please change the surge protector.
The schematic diagram of installation:

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